Weimerskirch district

Weimerskirch district

A historic and multicultural district with many green spaces that inspire calm and well-being

The Weimerskirch district is located in the northern part of Luxembourg City

Weimerskirch is bordered by the district of Dommeldange to the north, Kirchberg to the southeast, Pfaffenthal to the south and Eich to the west. It is located 7 minutes from Luxembourg airport and 13 minutes from Dommeldange station. Adjacent to Kirchberg, Weimerskirch is in close proximity to the national institutions and multinational companies of the business district. It is also blessed with numerous green spaces along the Alzette river.

Weimerskirch, or how to enjoy nature while being close to the prestigious Kirchberg business centre!

Weimerskirch is a district with a medieval feel. Its beautiful architecture makes it a historical place par excellence, allowing pleasant strolls through the narrow streets at any time of day. The crossing of the river Alzette, which forms a natural border with the Eich district, allows residents to enjoy mid-week and weekend strolls.

If you have decided to buy a property in the Weimerskirch district, we can show you all the available offers that match your criteria and budget.

Living in Weimerskirch

In 2022, 2,370 inhabitants made up the population of Weimerskirch.on a total area of 110.51 ha. The district has a variety of recreational areas such as the Laval Park, a cultural centre, a society pavilion, the literary café Le Bovary, the Gust Jacquemart Stadium, 4 playgrounds and a gym. Weimerskirch is served by four bus lines: 8, 25, 63, CN4. A stroll through the streets of the district reveals that it consists mainly of townhouses (2 storeys) and modern residential buildings.

Weimerskirch still retains its stamp of being a historical district with a village feel. Its calmness makes it a haven of relaxation and well-being. If you are planning to buy a property in Weimerskirch, our agents will be happy to put their know-how to work for you in finding and buying a property.

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