Real Estate, reinvented.

Efficient. Discreet. Safe.

Secretimmo is a Luxembourgish start-up implementing a new approach to buy or sell your property. We are a disruptive Real Estate agency specialised in off-market transactions and providing high-quality residential and commercial realty services.

Why are we secret?

Secretimmo is a team of professionals with more than fifteen years of local market experience who are ready to support you in your projects with the strictest confidence. Fairness and trust are not just words for us but our everyday reality and priority.

Having observed the real estate market during the past two decades, we have come to one important conclusion - it’s time to implement a revolutionary, innovative approach. Indeed, our concept is a combination of the latest technology, profound market knowledge and an effective marketing strategy.

Today, modern technology allows us to overcome the constraints of classical approach in real estate. The democratisation of the virtual tours as well as remote visits makes it possible to preselect top-quality buyers, while avoiding the public exposition of the transactional process and minimise the potential risks related to the private data protection aspect.

The off-market properties promoted through our network are for sale, but they are not promoted through mainstream channels. The main reason to opt for this strategy is that our customers do not only seek a more private approach to sell their property, but they also care about data protection. This kind of approach warranties the data safeness, as well as discretion and efficiency. Our unique concept creates new perspectives for exclusive real estate deals!

According to the last real estate market survey* 92% of sellers and buyers think that confidence and data protection are the important part of the real estate transaction process and 54% would prefer to deliver a seller’s mandate to one agency only if it would be able to ensure this kind of high-level service.

If you’re interested in learning more about our unique off-market approach in Luxembourg, please leave your contact details and we’ll get back to you at the official launch of Secretimmo.

*Source : TNS Survey, Evaluation d’un concept immobilier, Juin 2021

Why sellers choose to work with us


Thanks to our range of technologies and especially our live VR tours, active buyers can visit the property remotely at any time. We also check the creditworthiness of each client who shows interest in your property.


As a full off-market agency, we believe discretion is key for every profitable real estate transaction. Our ambition is to establish new standards and revolutionise the real estate market.

Best price

With a detailed similar properties analysis and a high-quality valuation, we suggest the best price for your property sale. To us, the best price means the optimal market price, and thanks to our expertise, we’re often even able to sell at the best value for money rate.

Smart marketing

Instead of putting your property on the public market, we attract active buyers through our brand awareness campaigns. Thanks to this approach, our database of buyers is constantly growing, and we’re sometimes able to find interested buyers within just a few days!

Local expertise

We operate throughout the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg and are able to guarantee a high level of local expertise in all regions and cantons. Our long experience in the real estate domain guarantees the quality of our services.

Notarial act

As a full-service real estate specialist, we accompany you in the sales process up to the notary’s appointment. By attracting the right buyer, we streamline the sales process and make it more comfortable for the seller.

Buy before others do!

Faced with a dynamic market, where demand far exceeds supply, it is becoming increasingly difficult to acquire property in Luxembourg. In the past, the media published lists of properties for sale. Today, most of the published advertisements have already gone through a sales cycle, even before they come on the market. This means that the best properties find their new owners even before they are published!

An increasingly tedious search and a real race against time are the reality for buyers, who are witnessing constant price increases while their financial capacities stagnate or even diminish as the months go by.

Secretimmo is the promise of a real estate agency that gives you access to exclusive off-market properties.

There’s no need to look any further - our properties are exclusive and unique, and you won’t find them anywhere else! In fact, this is the first real estate fair trade system in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg that will help you find the right opportunity or even the perfect match!

By registering with us, you get access to our portfolio of properties available for sale with complete discretion. In accordance with your search criteria, we will contact you to offer you THE RIGHT OPPORTUNITY, giving you priority. We put buyers first!

*Your private data is stored on our servers and is never shared with third parties without your consent. Register now and enjoy the privileges of being up to date with the current official market prices and the best arising opportunities.


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