Real Estate, reinvented.

Efficient. Discreet. Safe.

Secretimmo is a Luxembourgish start-up implementing a new approach to buy or sell your property. We are a disruptive Real Estate agency specialised in off-market transactions and providing high-quality residential and commercial realty services.

Why are we so secret?

Secretimmo is the first off-market agency in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg to guarantee the confidentiality of its mandates thanks to its innovative approach.

With a team of professionals with more than fifteen years of experience in the local market, Secretimmo accompanies you in your projects in the strictest confidence. Discretion, fairness, and trust are not just words for us, but our daily reality on the ground.

After observing the real estate market over the past two decades, we have come to an important conclusion: it is time to implement a revolutionary and innovative approach. Our concept is based on the guarantee of confidentiality of our mandates, combined with the latest technology, in-depth knowledge of the market and an effective marketing strategy tailored to our business.

Today, modern technology makes it possible to overcome the constraints and hazards of the traditional approach to real estate. The democratisation of virtual visits, as well as remote visits, makes it possible to pre-select truly motivated quality buyers while avoiding/reducing the public exposure of the transactional process and thus minimising the potential risks related to the protection of your data and your privacy.

Off-market properties are promoted through our network and are not identifiable on traditional distribution channels, thanks to depersonalised publications. No billboard or sign will be attached to the front of your property. Therefore, even your neighbor will not know that you are selling!

Some of our clients prefer a more private approach to selling their property, either because they are going through an inconvenient situation (separation, inheritance, ...), or because they are well known in Luxembourg (public figures, CEOs, ...) or because they do not want to justify themselves and alert their neighbors who might draw hasty conclusions. Others simply entrust us with the sale of their property to take advantage of our efficient buyer selection process in order to avoid real estate tourism and the opening of their property to strangers and/or foreigners.

Our real estate development department guarantees the sale of your plot of land thanks to our confidential calls for tenders made to trusted and solvent partners/professionals/property developers. A complete accompaniment and a direct transaction (buyer/seller) which avoids the owners being constantly canvassed and annoyed thanks to our strict selection and confidentiality protocols. We negotiate for you the best conditions of sale while turning the competition in your favor!

Secretimmo, a unique concept that creates new perspectives for exclusive real estate transactions!

Why sellers choose to collaborate with us


Thanks to our range of technologies and especially our secure live VR tours with personal or remote access with an agent, active buyers can visit the property remotely at any time. We also check the creditworthiness of each client who shows interest in your property.


As a full off-market agency, we believe discretion is key for every profitable real estate transaction. Our ambition is to establish new standards and revolutionize the real estate market.

Best price

Through market research and a high-quality valuation, (used by banks, insurance companies, lawyers, ...), we are able to determine the best price for your property for a transaction within a reasonable time.

Smart marketing

Rather than putting your property on the public market, we first attract active buyers through our targeted promotion campaigns. We then conduct depersonalised publications on all effective platforms to complete the base of prospects likely to be interested in your property. This approach allows us to reach a maximum number of potential buyers while guaranteeing the confidentiality of the transaction.

Local expertise

We operate throughout the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg and can guarantee an elevated level of local expertise in all regions and cantons. Our experience in the real estate domain as well as the continuous training of our teams guarantees the quality of our services.

Notarial act

As a full-service real estate specialist, we accompany you in the sales process up to the notary’s appointment. By attracting the right buyer, we streamline the sales process and make it more comfortable for the seller.

Buy before the others do!

In a dynamic market, where demand exceeds supply, it is becoming increasingly difficult to buy a property in Luxembourg. In the past, the traditional media published the list of properties for sale. Nowadays, a majority of the advertisements published on the Internet have already gone through a sales cycle in the agencies' internal databases, even before they come on the market. This means that the best properties (quality/price/location/opportunity ratio) find their new owners even before being published!

An increasingly tedious search and a real race against the clock are the reality for buyers, who are witnessing a constant rise in prices while their financial capacities are stagnating or even decreasing over the months.

Secretimmo is the promise of a real estate agency that gives you access to exclusive off-market properties.

There is no need to look any further - our properties are exclusive and unique, and you will not find them anywhere else! In fact, this is the first real estate fair trade system in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg that will help you find the right opportunity or even the perfect match!

By registering with us, you get access to our portfolio of properties available for sale with complete discretion. In accordance with your search criteria, we will contact you to offer you THE RIGHT OPPORTUNITY, giving you priority to it as soon as they are entered in our database. At Secretimmo, we put buyers first!

* All personal data is stored on our servers and will never disclose to third parties without your consent. Register now and enjoy the privileges of being up to date with the current official market prices and the best arising opportunities.


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