Beggen district

Beggen district

A beautiful district to live in and to take a walk

The Beggen district is located on the northern edge of Luxembourg City

The districts bordering the Beggen district are Mühlenbach to the west, Eich to the south and Dommeldange to the east. The river Alzette runs through the Beggen district from north to south, lining it with walking paths and green landscapes. Thanks to a well-developed transport network, there is easy access to all the amenities in the district as well as to the neighbouring regions. It is worth mentioning that Beggen is only a 10-minute drive from Luxembourg airport!

In addition to being a haven of natural landscapes, Beggen is characterised by a family atmosphere due to its residential vocation!

Beggen is recognised as a district where life is good! The river Alzette and the green spaces give it a natural cachet, offering healthy air to purify the lungs and fill up with energy. Walking enthusiasts can take advantage of the footpaths in the green islands in the Eecherfeld and on the Dommeldange mountain, which offer a heavenly view of a very rich and diverse flora.

Beggen is perfectly suited for anyone looking for a property in a family residential area with a reconnection to nature.

Living in Beggen

In 2022, Beggen had 3,741 inhabitants. The district covers an area of 170.91 ha, and is equipped with sports and entertainment areas (5 playgrounds, a football field, a cultural centre, a stadium, a sports hall and a tennis court). The Beggen district is very easily accessible thanks to a transport network that meets the travel needs of all its inhabitants (12 bus stops, two bus lines 11 and 23 that serve the district and more than 10 places for people with reduced mobility). The Beggen district has a basic school providing good quality education for children, and a shopping centre for shopping. The Beggen Castle, now the Russian Embassy, is a living testimony to the rich history of the district.

The Beggen district is therefore a good location to buy a house close to all amenities, and located in a relaxing and comfortable environment.

If you are interested in becoming a homeowner in the Beggen district, you can contact us at any time to find out what is available. We will show you spacious flats, exclusive houses with ingenious layouts and other properties that meet your criteria in terms of orientation, size and much more.

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