Belair district

Belair district

A district with a family atmosphere, chic and classic

The Belair district is located on the western border of Luxembourg City

The Belair district is located between the Merl and Hollerich districts (to the south), Rollingergrund (to the north) and the Ville-Haute (to the east). It is a 12-minutes drive from Luxembourg airport. Belair is a chic and sophisticated district, which justifies the relatively high standard of living compared to other districts. All the amenities of the district are easily accessible thanks to its 43 bus stops. In addition, Belair has 6 vel'OH! stations, as it is considered a bike-friendly neighbourhood due to its relatively flat roads.

Belair is a pleasant neighbourhood in which to live while enjoying its proximity to the Parc de Merl

An upmarket neighbourhood that inspires class and fun! Belair is a 100% residential area, and if you choose to live here you will have a wide range of sports facilities at your disposal, as well as a wide choice of restaurants with a cosy atmosphere and eclectic menus to delight your taste buds. Children will also find plenty to do thanks to the many playgrounds in the town.

Living in Belair

In 2022, the Belair district, which covers an area of 2 square kilometers, had 12,139 inhabitants. It is known for its private houses surrounded by gardens. Belair has 14 nurseries, 5 primary schools, one secondary school, and the prestigious Lycée Athénée of Luxembourg. The district also has 7 playgrounds where children can have a good time, and is home to the Schéiss Cultural Centre and the Institut Saint-Jean Social Centre. In the Belair district, you can take advantage of various facilities for your sporting activities, namely the Josy Barthel stadium, a tennis club "Les Arquebusiers", a sports complex and two gymnasiums.

The Belair district is full of assets offering a pleasant place to live to all those who have chosen to settle there. For more information about the Blair district in general, or the real estate offer in the city in particular, make an appointment with our consultants to talk about it better, they will help you find the home of your dreams, which will be just a stone's throw away from Merl Park!

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