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Why should traditional real estate agencies join forces with Luxembourg's two largest hybrid agencies in times of economic crisis?

The current economic crisis is affecting many sectors, including real estate. Traditional estate agencies need to adapt in order to remain competitive. Joining forces with the two largest hybrid agencies in Luxembourg, and, could be a winning strategy.

The advantages of hybrid estate agencies over traditional agencies

In an ever-changing property market, it is essential to adapt to new trends in order to provide the best possible service. Hybrid estate agencies are an innovative response to this need, combining the best of traditional agencies and online platforms. In this article, we present the main advantages of hybrid agencies over traditional agencies.

What is a hybrid estate agency?

A hybrid real estate agency is an innovative concept that combines the best practices of traditional agencies and online platforms to provide an optimized and personalized experience for clients. It offers high quality services tailored to the specific needs of buyers, sellers and investors.

Discover the power of secrecy: Sell your luxury property with Secretimmo!

Selling a luxury property is an important step in the life of any discerning owner. You want to reach a select clientele and find the ideal buyer who recognises the exceptional value of your property. This is where Secretimmo comes in. By choosing our exclusive off-market network, you gain access to a revolutionary approach to property sales that combines discretion, exclusivity and new technologies.

House prices in Luxembourg fall at the end of 2022

House prices in Luxembourg increased by 9.6% in 2022 as a whole, a lower growth rate than in previous years. However, they fell between the third and fourth quarters, as did the number of transactions. Prices for existing houses fell by 1.9%, for existing flats by 2.3% and for existing apartments by 1.4%. The price index for apartments under construction also fell by 0.3%.

Shared living: the flexible housing solution for today's changing lifestyles.

The COVID episode and the inflation of the cost of living have accelerated the development of co-living as a response to the problem of the constant increase in property prices, while at the same time satisfying the quality of life criteria that have become decisive for occupants in the final choice of their personal housing.


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