News from Secretimmo, the "off-market" real estate agency and real estate market trends in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Selling a prestigious or exceptional property in Luxembourg in 2024

The storm in the real estate market in Luxembourg seems to be calming down, and new selling prospects are emerging. After a prolonged pause in transactions, demand is gradually returning to the market.

Optimizing the sale of your real estate in case of divorce in Luxembourg.

In our contemporary society, the phenomenon of divorce continues to grow, unfortunately, in magnitude. In Luxembourg, between 1500 and 2000 divorces are recorded each year, placing Luxembourg among the European leaders in terms of couples' separation per 1000 inhabitants. This phenomenon often entails the division of assets, particularly real estate assets. Secretimmo has accompanied numerous couples in divorce situations and is accustomed to dealing with such cases.

In Luxembourg new houses building process in accelerated mode with machines and workers

The government, municipalities, and the private sector met on February 22nd at Senningen Castle to discuss avenues to achieve their common goal: building more and faster. At the forefront of their concerns are administrative procedures, often a source of many challenges.

Summary of Government Announcements on Housing in Luxembourg

The Luxembourgish government, represented by Prime Minister Luc Frieden, Housing and Spatial Planning Minister Claude Meisch, and Finance Minister Gilles Roth, has announced several measures aimed at stimulating the real estate sector.

Selling Your Property in Luxembourg in 2024: An Opportunity to Explore!

The dynamic transformation of the real estate market over the past year has created a landscape rich in opportunities for those considering realizing their real estate projects. So, what is actually happening in the market, and is it the right time to prepare for the sale of your property in 2024?

Why should traditional real estate agencies join forces with Luxembourg's two largest hybrid agencies in times of economic crisis?

The current economic crisis is affecting many sectors, including real estate. Traditional estate agencies need to adapt in order to remain competitive. Joining forces with the two largest hybrid agencies in Luxembourg, and, could be a winning strategy.


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