News from Secretimmo, the "off-market" real estate agency and real estate market trends in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Launch of the Secretimmo Appraisal: a new digital tool designed to fit in your pocket!

Intended for individuals who wish to have an initial idea of the price of their property, the Secretimmo Pocket Appraisal allows them to quickly estimate the indicative value of a house, a flat or a piece of land in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Valuing and selling your land under the best conditions with SecretImmo

Selling your land, with or without a house to be demolished, is not easy. In a tight market where land opportunities are rare, it is not easy to find the right professional who will give you the best price and the best payment terms for your building land.

Building your home: land with or without a building contract?

You have decided to build your own home and embark on your personal real estate project. The search for a plot of land in Luxembourg can sometimes be tedious and plots of land for sale without a building contract are becoming increasingly rare in the Grand Duchy. Nevertheless, there are opportunities to be seized and it is therefore important to take stock in order to know the advantages.

Real estate in Luxembourg: the rise in interest rates is becoming a reality

The recent increase does not facilitate any real estate investment and is an additional constraint for future buyers in the Luxembourg market.

What is « off-market » real estate?

« Off-market » means outside the market. The term « off-market » refers to everything that is outside the market. By definition, an off-market property is therefore a house or flat that is not recognizable in the property advertisements published online or in property magazines.

What is a search mandate?

The search mandate is a contract by which a buyer entrusts Secretimmo with the search for a property according to precise criteria.

Collaborate in off-market with Secretimmo

Open to B2B collaboration, our innovative concept is based on a Win-Win relationship with well-defined rules in our collaboration contracts, according to a mutually beneficial commission plan.

The off-market sales mandate at Secretimmo

Selling your property is an important decision that requires the support of a professional who will be able to estimate its value, but also plan a sales strategy. Choosing a partner agency is often a complicated task given the competition and aberrations that can be found on real estate portals.

Why sell my property off market with Secretimmo?

The real estate media is full of advertisements of all kinds of properties on the market through portals open to the general public, attracting all kinds of customers: potential buyers who are new to the market, buyers who have been looking for some time, but above all buyers with no intention of buying who scan the market and have made it their favourite pastime.


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