Why sell my property off market with Secretimmo?

Why sell my property off market with Secretimmo?

The real estate media is full of advertisements of all kinds of properties on the market through portals open to the general public, attracting all kinds of customers: potential buyers who are new to the market, buyers who have been looking for some time, but above all buyers with no intention of buying who scan the market and have made it their favourite pastime. By using Secretimmo's off-market expertise, your property will only be published through our internal channels. These channels are carefully selected to ensure a fast, efficient and confidential transaction.

Our preferred channel: our buyers.

Secretimmo has a large portfolio of clients who are looking for a property to buy. Our clients are carefully screened, and access our properties based on their actual intention to buy and their financial capacity or pre-approval from a bank. Each physical visit is preceded by an individual interview with the candidate to assess his or her interest: there is no room for real estate tourism!

We also have a network of partners with whom we work. This network is composed of real estate professionals but also of other sectors such as banks, trustees, lawyers and insurers. We maximize our chances of selling your property in the shortest possible time. By de-identifying your property on the material we use and by applying our "Secret Protocol" during our physical visits, we guarantee the protection of your identity, but also the confidentiality of the sale of your property by making only certain information accessible to our selected clientele.

Our service is appreciated by owners who wish to sell their property discreetly and keep the curious people away. Executives, company directors, public figures, wealthy families, families going through a divorce, succession, ...., our team makes it a point of honor to serve you in the strictest confidentiality.


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