What is « off-market » real estate?

What is « off-market » real estate?

« Off-market » means outside the market. The term « off-market » refers to everything that is outside the market. By definition, an off-market property is therefore a house or flat that is not recognizable in the property advertisements published online or in property magazines.

Today, this market is the object of much covetousness. Indeed, in an extremely tight market, it is increasingly difficult to find the ideal property through traditional channels. Therefore "off-market" properties are increasingly sought after. But how does this off-market work? How do you access it? What are the advantages? Secretimmo explains it all to you!

If you are aware of the sale of a property without having gone through the classified websites, specialized newspapers, etc., then you are dealing with an « off-market » property. The property is put up for sale through the estate agency specializing in the « off-market » deals which has a sales mandate but whose seller wishes to communicate in a restricted circle with discretion. Only buyers in contact with the agency will be informed of the sale of this property. But an « off-market » product can also be offered for sale directly by a private individual, who will only inform his close friends, neighbors, family or certain professionals such as property hunters. The « off-market » is therefore a market that can only be accessed by people with a good network or a good buyer profile.

In the real estate sector, this type of sale is usually practiced for luxury properties because the discretion is highly appreciated by sellers, it is a sort of private market. Currently, about 10% of transactions are said to be concluded in this way. This is a limited space where houses and flats are sold discreetly and often at higher prices, as competition is reduced.

However, recently, the method has become more democratic and can now be applied to all types of property. This type of « off-market » marketing consists of limiting the advertising on the property. There are no identifiable advertisements on real estate portals, it is not visible either on the web or in the showcase of an agency. The property is presented in a confidential and exclusive manner to buyers who may be interested.

Consequently, Secretimmo commits itself to present the property to the potential buyers, who are most likely to make an offer to buy.


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