What is a search mandate?

What is a search mandate?

Are you looking for an apartment or a house? The search mandate allows you to hire the services of a real estate hunter who will put his skills and his network to the benefit of your project.

The search mandate is a contract by which a buyer entrusts Secretimmo with the search for a property according to precise criteria.

Thus, Secretimmo will take care of a search and will try to find a rare pearl for you! This type of mandate is less known by the general public in Luxembourg, but it is actually becoming increasingly popular in Europe and the United States, especially when the buyer is unable to search by himself for one of the following reasons:

  • lack of time
  • for reasons of geographical distance
  • for reasons of failure of personal research
  • because of a desire to have access to exclusive goods
  • by the desire to be represented by a professional and to benefit from all his expertise

Consequently, the search mandate is a signed contractual document, by which a natural or legal person (principal) gives Secretimmo (agreed real estate agent) the power to search for a property on his behalf.


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