Selling a real estate project off-market in 2024 in Luxembourg

Selling a real estate project off-market in 2024 in Luxembourg

After a period of growth followed by a drastic drop in demand for properties under construction, Luxembourg is gradually recovering from the shock. However, the new construction market remains at a standstill, and it will take time for buyer confidence to return. While waiting for the recovery, it may be opportune to consider selling one or more projects to better navigate this period until the market is definitively unlocked. But how can you sell a real estate project without risking "burning" it?

Secretimmo has found the ideal solution: marketing real estate projects to foreign investors off-market. By collaborating with international groups likely to be interested in the Luxembourg market, our off-market agency opens new doors for developers looking to find buyers for their projects.

How does it work?

If you have decided to liquidate one or more projects and thus release capital needed to repay some of your loans or invest in other projects, don't hesitate to contact us. We will study your project to determine what type of investor might be interested. Then, we will communicate the results of our analysis so that you can decide on its definitive sale.

We will sign an exclusive mandate to prevent leaks of information and prospect target investors with discretion. At each information handover, a confidentiality agreement will be signed with the potential buyer to respect confidentiality commitments. This point is crucial in off-market prospecting and helps avoid unpleasant surprises.

Whether it's selling a construction project for a new residence, an already built building, or a subdivision project, our team will accompany you to ensure that your project is sold under the best conditions. Feel free to contact us to initiate a fruitful collaboration with the sole aim of achieving the sale of your real estate project as quickly as possible.


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