Selling a prestigious or exceptional property in Luxembourg in 2024

Selling a prestigious or exceptional property in Luxembourg in 2024

The storm in the real estate market in Luxembourg seems to be calming down, and new selling prospects are emerging. After a prolonged pause in transactions, demand is gradually returning to the market. Credit rates are still high compared to the period before the crisis, but a certain stability, even a slight decrease, has been observed since the beginning of 2024. If you had postponed the sale of your prestigious or exceptional property, it would be wise to start preparing your sales dossier now.

The off-market method offers some advantages by preserving the value of your property and not depreciating it. Once your property is announced on specialized platforms, the general public becomes aware of its availability on the market and its initial price. If no buyer shows interest in the following months, you may be forced to lower the price, which does not go unnoticed by the general public, as this information cannot be concealed on the internet. Even if the address of your property is not disclosed, it is often possible to identify it through photos or even the description text. Our approach aims to avoid this kind of leakage by not displaying any signs on the facade of your house and not publishing its photos on the internet. Initially, we leverage our client database to search for luxury properties in Luxembourg, and then we expand our search to the databases of our partner agencies. This internal search allows us to identify potential buyers discreetly.

Collaborating with a hundred agencies, but in reality with the entire local market, we have the ability to reach clients looking for properties of this caliber without any publication. Indeed, clients looking for this type of property do not proceed in the same way as those looking for "ordinary" properties. They usually go through specialized agencies to find a rare gem before it is listed on real estate websites.

Thanks to our 360° virtual tours, potential buyers can get an idea of the property and confirm their initial interest. Once this interest is confirmed, we verify the solvency of the client before the physical visit to the property. Although we conduct fewer visits, they are more qualified. Our team does everything possible to protect the value of your property and your confidentiality.

If you are considering selling your property in 2024, now is the ideal time to prepare for your sale. Clients interested in this type of property do not walk down the street, so it is necessary to develop a specific strategy to reach them. Feel free to contact us for more information on our marketing method for off-market prestige properties.


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