In Luxembourg new houses building process in accelerated mode with machines and workers

In Luxembourg new houses building process in accelerated mode with machines and workers

The government, municipalities, and the private sector met on February 22nd at Senningen Castle to discuss avenues to achieve their common goal: building more and faster. At the forefront of their concerns are administrative procedures, often a source of many challenges.

This housing roundtable, included in the government agreement, marks the fourth step in the new policy pursued by Luc Frieden's government. It follows three sets of measures: declaring a state of crisis in the construction sector, fiscal support measures announced on January 31st, and a €600 million package to invest in sustainable housing. "This package could be increased," says Prime Minister Luc Frieden (CSV).

The aim of this meeting was to find solutions to build more quickly in response to the crises in the construction and housing sectors. "We need to increase the housing supply. In Luxembourg, approximately 12,000 new residents settle each year. Therefore, we need about 6,000 additional homes per year. This is a considerable national effort. The idea is to see how we can build more quickly by listening to all stakeholders," explains the Prime Minister.

The main obstacle identified by all participants is administrative procedures. "These procedures have become increasingly complex over the years, becoming sources of litigation. This morning's discussions mainly focused on how we can simplify a number of procedures that currently hinder rapid construction."

Among the explored avenues are reducing the issuance time for building permits, extending the validity period of permits, and simplifying procedures for minor building modifications. These measures will need to be discussed with municipalities.

The government is also seeking a new balance between housing and environmental protection goals. Discussions are also planned with the banking sector to relax certain financing criteria and explore co-financing options.

All these meetings aim to result in concrete legislative proposals or administrative decisions by June. "We need to reach concrete decisions for all matters falling under government competence by June," concludes the Prime Minister.


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