Selling Your Property in Luxembourg in 2024: An Opportunity to Explore!

Selling Your Property in Luxembourg in 2024: An Opportunity to Explore!

The dynamic transformation of the real estate market over the past year has created a landscape rich in opportunities for those considering realizing their real estate projects. So, what is actually happening in the market, and is it the right time to prepare for the sale of your property in 2024? This article will primarily focus on your primary residence, as each situation is unique, depending on factors such as the acquisition date of your property and the necessity to sell it (or not).

If you acquired your property more than 5 years ago, now is the ideal time to consider selling. Although the expected margin may not reach the peaks of the real estate golden age, a successful transaction is entirely possible. However, if your property was acquired after 2019, a more strategic approach may be necessary to maximize gains.

A second crucial point is to assess the necessity of selling your property. Whether it's to accommodate a new family member, share the estate following a divorce, consider an adventure abroad, or simply opt for a more modest space, if any of these reasons apply to you, selling your property is an inevitable step. In these situations, careful preparation is key.

It is essential to note that while the market has experienced a decrease of about 25% between 2021 and 2024, it also opens up interesting opportunities. Although the rise in interest rates has impacted demand, the market remains active and promising. In 2024, although the selling process may take a bit longer, partnering with our network provides an efficient solution.

By collaborating with Secretimmo, you practically benefit from the expertise of a hundred Luxembourgish agencies! Our system optimizes the selling process, ensuring that your property is presented competitively, even in a complex context. Thus, despite the challenges, our competent network facilitates the search for buyers and offers a positive outlook for your real estate sale in 2024.


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