Secretimmo's first assessment

Secretimmo's first assessment

Secretimmo is celebrating its first birthday. What does the first assessment look like?

After a first year in which we gained valuable experience with the off-market business we have perfected and adapted our various protocols to be able to respond to any type of situation and type of client. Our clients' confidence in our concept has enabled us to generate beautiful exclusive sales mandates and to place ourselves in the high-end and prestigious sector in particular.

How do you find buyers for these properties?

Our various channels allow us to fill our prospect base. This database is mainly generated through our various digital marketing campaigns, press campaigns, our presence on billboards in and around the city, our B2B network, our depersonalised ads on property portals, etc. Our brand is now well known thanks to our communication know-how.

How do you filter your buyers?

Since discretion is our added value, it is important to ensure that information about our properties is passed on to the right recipients, who are filtered according to our internal protocols.

Using the technologies we employ, they are given time-limited access to detailed information about a property they are interested in. In this way they can be sure if the property could interest them, and if they are genuinely interested, we also check their their creditworthiness prior to a physical visit to the property. The owner has the assurance that each viewing appointment is done with a motivated potential buyer: We avoid property tourism and thus respect the privacy of our selling clients.

You plan to launch a mobile application in November 2022. Could you tell us a little more about this new tool?

At Secretimmo, we like new technologies and we strive daily to digitalising our customer and prospect journey. Therefore, it was natural for us to launch a platform to centralise both discreet and off-market sales, which is a big first in Luxembourg.

With the help of our application, we have digitalised our security protocols in order to ensure the confidentiality of all properties published in this new environment. Each profile/user account is personally validated by our team, who will carry out the usual checks and, if necessary, guide users through this new interface, which is intended to be simple and intuitive. The first format we have chosen is the application, as it corresponds to current usage habits. Our team is excited and already actively working on it.

Can a user access properties for sale directly?

Yes, if the user's search criteria match an off-market property for sale, they can access the information about it in the form of a depersonalised listing.

And if no property currently matches the search criteria?

To simplify the user experience, all searches carried out by the user are automatically stored in the Secretimmo App. He therefore has the option of keeping them or delete them. As soon as a new property matching the search criteria is published on the platform, the user is notified directly by push notification and/or email.

If a property attracts the user's attention, how can he or she then view it?

If a property catches the user's attention, they can request a virtual tour remotely via the app.

This viewing is temporarily activated after a contact with the agent who analyses the user's request and qualifies whether they are eligible for a physical visit or not.

What confidentiality conditions has a user to respect?

As all of our properties are sold discreetly, a user must respect the confidentiality of each offer. In essence, the user is not permitted to view the content of these to third parties without the prior written consent of Secretimmo S.A..

What types of properties can be found on the Secretimmo app?

From the moment a client decides to sell discreetly so as not to be harassed and visible on all real estate platforms, he chooses the way of the “off-market” approach. Also off-market is often preferred by owners of prestigious, exceptional or investment properties, but in reality it concerns all types of properties and all budgets.

Are only Secretimmo properties published there or can other agencies also publish their offers?

Since our launch, we have built up a large B2B network with professional partners from the real estate industry, but also from other sectors, to whom we offer the possibility to promote their off-market properties through our app.

If a partner broker decides to sell his client's property “off-market” via our app, we will follow up on the sale to match them with a qualified buyer and will accompany him until the signing of the notarial deed.

Finally, what is my interest in buying a property “off-market”?

If you decide to buy an off-market property, you will have priority to view the property before anyone else and increase your chances of coming across a “rare pearl”. These properties, of which neither photos, plans nor the address have ever been published on the internet are usually better protected from malicious persons and curious neighbours.


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