Launch of the Secretimmo Appraisal: a new digital tool designed to fit in your pocket!

Launch of the Secretimmo Appraisal: a new digital tool designed to fit in your pocket!

A few months after the launch of our new "off-market" real estate concept, Secretimmo introduces its pocket appraisal in Beta version.

Intended for individuals who wish to have an initial idea of the price of their property, the Secretimmo Pocket Appraisal allows them to quickly estimate the indicative value of a house, a flat or a piece of land in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Equipped with an algorithm that is based both on the prices communicated by official sources (Liser: notarial deeds) and on the advertisements currently published on the various portals, the tool is intended to be fast, simple, effective and "user friendly". The tool will be perfected over time in order to provide the most accurate results possible to its users.

Designed with "mobile first" in mind, the tool is perfectly adapted to smartphones and tablets: in just a few minutes, you can obtain a relevant result with unlimited use of the tool without any restrictions on the number of estimates.

Estimating a property from a distance is a complex task. Despite the various existing online estimators produced by different market players with their advantages and disadvantages, Secretimmo's Pocket Appraisal aims to guarantee extreme simplicity of use with a consistent result.

As a reminder, Secretimmo is the first off-market agency in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg to guarantee the confidentiality of its mandates to its clients thanks to the new technologies and the various digital tools it has put in place, as well as its internal protocols for selecting candidates. A concept that leaves no room for real estate tourism, appreciated by anyone who wishes to sell in complete discretion and avoid exposing their property to the general public; or who does not wish to "burn" their property on the market and thus give themselves every chance of selling within a reasonable time.

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