Optimizing the sale of your real estate in case of divorce in Luxembourg.

Optimizing the sale of your real estate in case of divorce in Luxembourg.

In our contemporary society, the phenomenon of divorce continues to grow, unfortunately, in magnitude. In Luxembourg, between 1500 and 2000 divorces are recorded each year, placing Luxembourg among the European leaders in terms of couples' separation per 1000 inhabitants. This phenomenon often entails the division of assets, particularly real estate assets. Secretimmo has accompanied numerous couples in divorce situations and is accustomed to dealing with such cases.

When you decide to separate, the question of selling your real estate arises. Should you attempt to sell privately or turn to a real estate agent? What timeframe should you set for the sales process? What communication strategy should you adopt?

It is crucial to opt for the procedure of divorce by mutual consent to avoid significant capital loss. It is sometimes even preferable to sell the jointly held property before finalizing the divorce. This maneuver allows for the recovery of liquidity, which can be more easily shared between the two parties, and also helps to limit tax burdens and settle debts owed to financial institutions. However, everything must be done in perfect agreement to avoid abuses of rights and funds released after the sale.

A real estate sale typically takes time to materialize, especially in economically challenging times. It is crucial to come to an agreement during this period to ensure that the real estate sales process proceeds smoothly and organizedly. Sometimes it may be prudent to accept a buyout by one of the parties, provided they have sufficient financial means. However, if you decide to seek professional assistance, do not hesitate to benefit from Secretimmo's services. As specialists in off-market sales, our company emphasizes discretion and takes every measure to prevent the disclosure of the sale of your shared home to your surroundings.

No real estate sign will be placed on your facade, and your friends or family will not find photos of your home on highly frequented websites. Your property will be presented to selected buyers and professional partners who may be interested in your property. This means you will not have to justify yourself to curious neighbors or acquaintances.

The goal of Secretimmo is to discreetly accompany your couple in divorce and carry out the sale in a tense and complicated market. The value of your property will not be "dumped," and selling your house or apartment will allow you to avoid a forced sale through public auction and the deterioration of your assets.

If you wish to avoid a forced sale following divorce, do not hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to ensure the sale of your home is successful.


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