Collaborate in off-market with Secretimmo

Collaborate in off-market with Secretimmo

Open to B2B collaboration, our innovative concept is based on a Win-Win relationship with well-defined rules in our collaboration contracts, according to a mutually beneficial commission plan.

We surround ourselves with the best professionals and we suggest two types of collaboration:

If you are a professional with services related to real estate (banking, insurance, credit, taxation, relocation, renovations, concierge,...) which allow us to extend our offer to our customers, we suggest you our partnership contract.

We promote your services and products to our clients after detecting their needs and we put you in touch with them.

In the same way that you also ensure our promotion to your customers and direct them to our agency for their real estate needs.

Our conditions are governed by a partnership contract with a commission plan.

If you are a real estate professional and you wish to collaborate, we propose you a network contract. We work together on the realization of our respective mandates by proposing our properties to our respective customers.

With or without a search mandate, each case is examined in order to determine together the possible commission on the transaction to come. A perfect exchange of professional to professional based on the interest of our customers.

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