Shared living: the flexible housing solution for today's changing lifestyles.

Shared living: the flexible housing solution for today's changing lifestyles.

The COVID episode and the inflation of the cost of living have accelerated the development of co-living as a response to the problem of the constant increase in property prices, while at the same time satisfying the quality of life criteria that have become decisive for occupants in the final choice of their personal housing.

It is a new trend in the property market that responds to a new demand, where conviviality and shared living are more motivating for "residents 2.0", who are above all looking for a living experience based on sharing and exchange, both financially, ecologically and socially.

What is co-living?

Co-living is a form of shared living where people live together in shared spaces (gardens, co-working spaces, terraces, gyms, games rooms, etc.) and private spaces (rooms, suites, studios, small apartments, etc.). What unites them is a community that they animate and in which they engage socially.

Co-living: a flexible solution?

The benefits of co-living are numerous and flexibility is the key.

By providing a dynamic community life and access to shared resources, co-living offers a range of shared services that residents can consume à la carte: meal delivery, neighbour-to-neighbour exchanges, shared car hire, cleaning services, dry cleaning, co-working spaces, activities organised within the residence, etc. Services that can be consumed as and when required.

The other great advantage of this flexibility is that it allows you to change your accommodation more regularly, by having access to short or medium-term leases, giving you the opportunity to try out an environment before making a more formal and definitive commitment.

Who are these new 2.0 residents?

This trend is particularly popular with young professionals, new expatriates, students and digital nomads who are looking for flexible and affordable housing solutions with a range of services that they would not have access to if they had to bear the cost themselves.

An ideal solution for newcomers to a city who want to make connections and expand their social circle.

What is the social impact?

Co-living redefines the notion of shared and engaged community by offering an environmentally friendly solution that reduces the carbon footprint of its residents by using shared resources and limiting individual travel.

Designed to be sustainable and energy efficient, co-living addresses the growing concern about climate change.

What about investors?

If you are looking for a green and sustainable investment with a high return, co-living is the answer!

As the private areas are smaller and rented individually, the rent is adapted to this type of service. The operators who manage this type of service have their own clientele and a high occupancy rate, which allows them to guarantee the rent for a period defined in a management contract.

Secretimmo supports its clients and offers them investment projects with guaranteed rentals. If you would like more information, please contact us. We have the right opportunity for you.


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