Buying a fixer-upper: the alternative to new build

Buying a fixer-upper: the alternative to new build

Buying a fixer-upper can sometimes seem like a risky investment, but it's actually an incredible opportunity for buyers to create a fully customised home and make money at the same time, without the constraints of the new home market such as price escalation and construction delays.

Here are 5 undeniable benefits of buying a property to renovate:

1. High profit potential

Buying a property to renovate is an excellent investment because you can usually buy it at a lower price than a turnkey property. Once the work is complete, you can resell the property at a higher price or let it at a higher rent, increasing the profitability of your investment.

2. Personalisation

Buying a property to renovate allows you to personalise your home according to your tastes and needs. You can design the space to suit your lifestyle and preferences, without being restricted by the choices made by the previous owner(s). In short, you don't have to buy someone else's bad taste and you retain control over the quality and price of the materials.

3. A chance to save money

When you buy a property to renovate, you can save money by putting the various parties in competition, but also by calling on your professional network or relatives who can help you to obtain the best prices and why not carry out certain works through your acquaintances.

4. Give it a second life

Sustainable construction and ecological footprints are hot topics. Renovation gives a building a second life by improving its energy technology and insulation.

5. A rewarding project

Renovating a property can be a rewarding and challenging undertaking that allows you to immerse yourself in a creative project. You'll work with local tradespeople and have the opportunity to learn new skills.

In conclusion, buying a property to renovate can be a great option for those who are looking to invest in property.

In conclusion, buying a buy-to-let property can be a great option for those who want to invest in property while creating a personal home without the constraints of a new property. Although it takes effort, patience and some investment, the potential for profit, personalisation, cost savings, improved quality of life and the completion of a rewarding project can be well worth it.

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